Thursday, 1 March 2012

My comment on Bobs article!

Its true, Bob has a fantastic way of
analyzing races and knows from his experience of watching many races
details that count, how does a horse need to look like to do well in
a marathon race? What does a track like Cheltenham need over which
distance? What is a right handed animal? What is a stiff test? What
needs Soft Going? many things he considers, but I have to add, that
he uses the formbook in combination with observation of the races via
Video late replays or direct on the wall watching the races live.
When I came here I looked just at the formbook and didnt know, what
is right handed animal and all these things, I started watching the
replays and combined it with formbook, I think the in the formbook
you can find for example what preference a horse has what conditions
it likes, but also i have to add, you see this better if you look at
a horse how it races on video, because then you understand why the
animal prefers this and that via your eye. It needs both a
combination of Visual Formbook and Direct Observation of replays.
Another important factor: Look at the horse in the ring, it can look
good or bad and beware of fixing yourself on one horse too much in
your prerace analysis, because on the given day, when you look at all
horses in the ring and you only fixed your attention on your chosen
formanimal, then you maybe miss the other horse that looks superb or
yours looks bad on this day and races accordingly. Even when you spot
a horse that looks good in calm walking in the ring, its possible its
racing totally akward on a gallop and carrying his head wrong or
getting pushed, all things can be. Thats why I think also Inrunning
momentary reactions are needed for the observations you make. Its
also good like Bob points out to have in mind how an animal races
like, from prerace video replays. When you look at the profits Bob
shared here and you would follow the post trough and checked the
results, you would find out, that he had not many tips early in NH
Season 2011 and his performance was +-0 I slightly remember and I got
a really good start, but things got worse and I started to apply Bobs
hints better and stopping using stakes. Lately I have for me a pretty
good live approach on the wall, a bit more careful a looking at my
Daily PL and direct live observation without any preform analysis, I
have to say it works okay, so I try to dwelve more into it. Bob has
since 3 month I think dont know detailed, pretty much such a big
Strikerate at huge massive odds+ many small odds, that I give anybody
the advice learn from him. But also learn in the process in sharing
and creating ideas, dont copy him or me, look at what suits you and
what be open. It make no sense, if you just copy his tips or apply it
without looking at it for yourself and give another idea to it to
expand. Im very thankful for his support and love to share with him
the thing called horseracing. Many thanks!

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